Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinner Special Starting March 31

This post is the first of an ongoing blog detailing my rotating specials. The funny thing about specials is that as a chef, you never can tell how well the dish will sell. Now, I have every intention to make each special as good (if not better) than the last, but sometimes I will sell out of the dish in the first night (like I did with this first featured dish), and it will only sell okay over the next few days, then sell out over the weekend, and so on and so on...

A lot of chefs offset this by having the same specials for several weeks, almost as if it was a hidden part of the menu, but to me that's not enough. I want every week to be something new, for me and for my patrons. For one thing, I believe that our customers expect something fresh, something new from me, not the same specials that they or their friends had a few weeks before.

Secondly, I like to think that my week is jump started every Tuesday morning with a new-found love for food by seeing these ideas come to fruition; and I am a firm believer that happy people make happy food.

So with that in mind, I have been wanting to do this plate (and the specials following) for a while now since it is lighter in style and more suitable for the warmer weather of springtime, and although it is technically spring, it doesn't look like it yet here in Seattle. So here, I offer to you, the sun gods a gift in exchange for sunshine and warmer weather:

Flaky Shrimp Cakes made with scallion, celery, and tomato aioli, with a Sweet Pea-Goat Cheese Puree, a mild, fresh-made Harissa, and Shaved Radicchio.

Enjoy Dios!!


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